A blessing for doing the work

You should know
As you are committing to doing the work
That it is never glamorous
It always comes with unexpected costs
It will probably be
Much more difficult than you expect.
We want to think that the wrestle with evils in our society
Is Noble Dignified Righteous
But they often look like
Westling with our own
our own
our own
our own
our own
It will make us defensive
And we will have to then question our defenses
What are we protecting?
Why are reacting in this way?
And none of it will be romantic.
We will never star in the movie version of our own heroism.

If we can move beyond the glamor shots of
The Work
Get to the business of doing
The Work in ourselves
Then we can do
The Work in our relationships
The Work in out communities.
As we work
We will find our place in it
Our contribution
I bless you to push through to this place
To discover Zion, that unexplored country

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