A blessing for the animals

Dear God,
The blessing we are seeking
Is for our companions in quarantine,
For all the creatures in our lives,
Our pets and the animals we encounter.

God, we are grateful for the guinea pigs,
Rescue dogs and shelter cats,
Backyard chickens and goats,
Rabbits and birds,
Chameleons and snakes.

God, we give thanks for
The hummingbirds who visit our neighborhoods,
The ladybugs and lizards in the garden,
The frogs and toads who croak by the streams and rivers,
For the hawks who soar overhead and the bees who feed us.

They represent the beauty and sacredness of creation.
Their constant loving presence in our lives
Reminds us of you, God.
God, please bless all the living things who journey with us
In our time of need.

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