Prayer for Liberation

God of Liberation,
In this moment of global pandemic
In this moment of fear and unrest
Help us to locate our spiritual imaginations
In the middle of the discomfort of all we are experiencing.
Help us to put our spiritual imaginations to work
In service of undoing our racism
In caring for the poor and the sick
In turning away from the false idols of homophobia and transphobia
That lead us into the sin of self-deception, where we think we are doing good and right when we exclude people on the margins.

Help us to imagine a church where all are welcome
Help us to imagine ourselves creating and receiving that welcome
Help us to imagine loving our neighbor as Christ has asked and modeled
Help us to imagine and embrace a God who rejects bigotry in all its forms.

Guide us to reflect on the ways in which we are the oppressor
And help us to join in the personal and systemic work of liberation
From the injustices that flourish around us
Help us to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of all of our siblings in Christ.

God, help us to hear your call to build a better world
To build Zion,

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