A blessing for those who are remembering the things we did for high-demands religions

Blessed are those of us with deep
Church-related regrets.
Not the regrets of loving and serving
But of loving and serving without boundaries
Of feeling compelled to give
More than we wanted
Or even had
Blessed are those of us who regret
Giving of our whole selves
Our identities
Our willing embrace of shame,
The way that heaven was used
As a weapon against us.

Bless us to recover
Whatever can be recovered
To learn anew
To rebuild ourselves
To practice healthy boundaries
With everyone (including family)
That some day the feelings
Of anger and loss will dim
That family relationships
Will find a new and tolerable normal.

Bless us to forgive ourselves
For the choices we made
With a different worldview
And also
Bless us to accept responsibility
For those choices
Because it is what
Healthy adults must do.

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