Prayer of Hope

Dear God of the Universe,
In this moment of lament, we hope for a more just and peaceful world.
We hope that our actions will be in line with our values.
We hope that our leaders will make decisions based on the needs of the most vulnerable and not the most powerful, that those who are last will become first.
We hope that the hungry will be fed.
We hope that those experiencing domestic violence will find refuge.
We hope that children who are experiencing abuse will be helped.
We hope that the dying will have the comfort of their loved ones.
We hope that those who are grieving will be comforted.
We hope that people will be filled with empathy for our neighbors who are struggling more.
We hope that our society will value life ahead of inconvenience.
We hope that empathy leads to concrete changes in the future.
We hope that scientists, health experts, and government officials will work toward a cure and vaccine to eliminate the virus.
We hope that the next time this happens we will be better prepared.
We hope for the ability to convert our hope into action.

My congregation (Southern Utah Community of Christ) wrote this together in April 2020.

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