A blessing for wisdom on the path of learning

God of mystery,
God of curiosity,
God of experience,
God of reflection,

In a world of misinformation
Loyalty tests, and
Keep reminding us
That the path of learning
Is paved with questions followed up by
The humility of seeking.
Keep reminding us
That our questions and answers
Always have an impact on people and environments.

May we gather up wisdom
As we walk this path
Always holding the worth of all persons
And the sacredness of creation
At the forefront of our actions.

Guide us to cultivate flexibility
So that good information
May change our minds.

Grant us the courage to reflect on our experiences,
To see and hold our own moral complexity
Even as we experience the moral complexity of others.
Help us to not mistake being seen as good
For true integrity.
Help us to recognize the gaps
Between our values and our actions
And always work to close them.

Be with us God,
As we discover that wisdom
Is never cheap and always hard-won
But caution us not to overlook
The simple wisdom of loving our neighbors.
May paths of wisdom and learning
Always lead us to journeys of peace and justice-making.
In the name of Jesus, the peaceful one,

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