A blessing for those who wait

It is a season dedicated to
Waiting impatiently
Waiting intently
Waiting for something specific that life has promised
Waiting for direction that seems elusive
Waiting for justice that may never come
Waiting for peace that seems impossible
Waiting for joy to overthrow our current feelings
Waiting for sorrow to diminish
Waiting for pain to lose its edge
Dull itself after assaulting the body
Waiting for loneliness to be chased away through connection
Waiting for uncertainty to resolve into clarity
Waiting for a diagnosis
Then waiting for treatment
Waiting for the baby to eat
Waiting to deliver bad news
Waiting feels hopeful and fearful
As we sit with the not knowingness
Seeking for patience and resolution
Caught in this in-between stage.
God, wait with us in the impatience
Of our waiting.

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