A blessing for Sunstone

Dear God,
We are here with an odd collection
Of Restoration misfits
Housed under a single roof for a weekend.
We ask a blessing of low drama
That our minds and hearts will be turned
Toward listening and relationships
Toward understanding the things we don’t understand
Lead us to buy books and kitsch for good causes.
Many who are here
Are seeking the belonging they have not yet found
Or lost somewhere along the way.
We are believers and doubters
Questioners and atheists.
God, please watch over us all
Help us find goodness and gentleness in our search for truth.
Guide our journeys to places of peace,
Awareness, and justice.
Help us to understand that Mormon-looking wounds
Are not the only wounds requiring triage.
Please help us to grow curiosity
About the pain of others
As we explore our own.
Lead us to Zion
In this life
In case the next one doesn’t exist.

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