Blessings, Prayers, and Poems at the Exponent

In the last handful of years or so, I’ve written a lot of blessings and prayers. Some of these have proved to be useful beyond the initial giving and I want to share them all here. The links below are to prayers and blessings that I have posted on The Exponent Blog. I plan to post others on this site to serve as an archive.

A blessing for those who lost a loved one to suicide
A blessing for those who begin
A blessing for learning to see
A blessing for all those in need of a blessing
A blessing for when things fall apart
A blessing to call you back to life

Prayer of Restoration
Prayer of Reconciliation
Prayer of Healing
Prayer for Pride and Juneteenth
Prayer for Grief from Sin
A Prayer for Peace

Dear God, I’m a zombie
My Home is a Temple
Uncomfortable Faith
A Toast to Mother Eve
Doubt is Sacred
The City of God is Like

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